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Are you considering getting Cozify to your home but not sure which bundle or set of devices to get started with?

To what degree does Cozify rely on an external (cozify) server to function? Ie, does the hub work when the internet connection is lost? Does local control work on the same WiFi when there is no internet connection? Does remote operation work when your servers are down?

Hi Frey!

And thanks for asking. Yes, Cozify works also without the internet connection. All rules and automation logic reside inside the Cozify Hub so all automation apart from notifications will work even when the network connection is down. For remote operation the network connection is required. However, when Hub is connected to the internet, you can do all same things remotely as you would locally. 


Thanks for the answer. One more clarification: does the hub use your server as a proxy for remote control or is it possible to control the hub directly through an ip address and port number?

All remote connections are established through the Cozify cloud to ensure zero configuration requirement and smooth user experience or our customers. 

[EDIT] To clarify, whenener your phone or pad is in the same local network with the hub, the connection is established directly to the hub.

I wrote a long well formed message that somehow disappeared, frustrating! :) In short, do you need the Hue hub for controling Philips? Is support for Nexa absolute dimming there/coming? Regards from Sweden, Fredrik


The Hue Bridge is not needed to control Philips Hue products. Cozify Hub will link directly with the bulbs. However, if you already have the Bridge, you can keep on using it as well. Cozify will be able to control the bulbs through the Bridge as well. 

Support for Nexas dimming is not there yet. It has been requested by a few people lately so we need to find a slot to develop the support. Unfortunately I cannot promise a schedule for that yet. 

Antti / Cozify 

What is the logic capacity of the cozify hub when designing rules? Also, is there the ability to use 3rd party apps to monitor the hub e.g. imperihome?


Cozify has a very powerful rule engine that allows creating context driven scenes and related rules. At the moment rules are based on templates, that will be shown for the user based on the selected devices. Thus a certain set of rule templates are shown when a motion sensor icon is dragged on top of the light icon and another set of rules are displayed when a smoke sensor is dragged on top of a phone. 

We are working to open APIs that allow usage of third party products/services for various purposes. More information will be available later this year. 

Please let me know if I didn't answer your question. 

Antti / Cozify

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