Connect amazon Echo or Google home

Any plans to integrate compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google home? Anyone of you guys who have been able to connect your cozify hub with any of this? which one should I choose?

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This topic has been recently in the discussions, and the answer is that likely in the future as they become (as they are starting to be) popular in Finland as well, some level of audio controlled support will be coming eventually.

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Jarkko / Cozify

Thanks for finally getting an answer. Would love to controll my cozify from my echo! At least give us the opportunity to make it ourselves with an API!

Yes we have the API defined and it has been given to some external developers already, but not yet opened publicly.

Mainly because opening the API would increase the support workload.

If you want to access the API, you can drop an email to and metion "API request" and "Samppa" so that we can followup there.


Samppa / Cozify

I want it as well as I recently started to use Google Home and really want to connect Cozify to it to control devices I already have for Cozify.  

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