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I've been using the hub for 6 months now. I am thinking of getting a Fibaro Wall Plug that is able to measure the power consumption (and remote on/off of course).

My question is the following: I understand that the Cozify hub supports the Z-Wave radio. This means I can control the plug just like the Osram Lightify plug. But does this also mean I can see the power consumption via the Cozify app? Or can the cozify app act as the gateway so I can install the Fibaro software and measure the power consumption there?

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Well the hub has HW support for Z-Wave, but there is no current support for Z-Wave in the software so you wont be able to add it until the software starts supporting Z-Wave.



Mikael is right, Z-Wave is supported only currently as a hardware support at the moment.

We support Develco power plug which has this power consumption feature in the device, but the power consumption feature is not yet supported - but most likely it will be supported soon for it.

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