Supported Devices

Air conditioner controllers
AirPatrol WiFi
FutureNow Relay Units
FNIP-12xPWM, 12 Channel Ethernet Low-Voltage LED Dimmer
FNIP-6x2AD, 6 Channel Ethernet Smart Dimmer
FNIP-8x10A, 8 Channel Ethernet Relay Switch
Ubisys Relay Units
Power Switch S1
Power Switch S1-R
Power Switch S2
Power Switch S2-R
Universal Dimmer D1
Universal Dimmer D1-R
Shutter Control J1
Shutter Control J1-R
Indoor cameras (most ONVIF-cameras, few examples below)
Smarteye NCM624AGA
Smarteye NCM629GB
Smarteye NCM625GB
Smarteye 750GB
Foscam C2
Opticam i4 DB HD
Opticam i5 HD
Opticam i6 DB
Outdoor cameras (most ONVIF-cameras, few examples below)
Smarteye 754GA

Foscam FI9900P
Foscam FI9853EP

Fuj:Tech Mini
Fuj:Tech PTZ HD IP

Opticam O3
Opticam O4
Opticam O5
Opticam O7

Asgari 720U
SONOS wireless speakers
Sonos Play:1
Sonos Play:3
Sonos Play:5
Sonos Playbar
Sonos Playbase
Sonos Sub
Sonos Connect
Symfonisk WiFi also works!
PHILIPS HUE bulbs and lights
Philips Hue
Philips Hue Lux
Philips Hue GU10 RGBW
Philips Hue GU10 White
Philips Hue Go
Philips Hue Lightsrip+
Philips Hue Beyond
Philips Hue Iris
Philips Hue phoenix
Philips Hue white ambiance amaze pendant
Philips Hue white ambiance being ceiling
Philips Hue white ambiance cher pendant
Philips Hue white ambiance still ceiling
Philips Hue white ambiance wellner-pöytälamppu
Philips Hue white ambiance wellness-pöytälamppu
Philips Hue white ambiance fair
Philips Hue white ambiance pillar spot
Philips Hue white ambiance runner spot
LivingColors Bloom
LivingColors LightStrips

  ...and all other Philips Hue bulbs and lights

PHILIPS HUE switches and sensors
Philips Hue Switch

Philips Hue Motion
Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor

OSRAM SMART+ (LIGHTIFY) plugs, bulbs and lights
LIGHTIFY Classic A60 tunable white
PAR 16 50 tunable white GU10
PAR 16 50 RGBW GU10
Downlight tunable white
LED Flex Outdoor RGBW
Gardenspot white
Gardenspot RGB
Surface light tunable white

OSRAM LIGHTIFY GardenPole Multicolor


IKEA wireless smart lights and other devices
TRÅDFRI bulbs and lights
TRÅDFRI remote and dimmer
FLOALT led-panels
SURTE led-panels
JORMLIEN led-panels
TRÅDFRI wireless control outlet
SYMFONISK WiFi speakers
GUNNARP led-lights
AIRAM smart lights
4,8W/827 GU10 PAR16 36D 800CD
9W/827 E27 A60 806LM
PROOVE / TELLDUS 433Mhz devices
PROOVE Receiver outlet IP44 (TSR102)
PROOVE Remote Control
PROOVE Receiver Outlet, on/off (TSR100/312453)
PROOVE Door/Window Sensor (311368)
PROOVE Door/Window Sensor, small (311509)
PROOVE PIR Motion Sensor (311556)
PROOVE Thermometer (311436)
PROOVE Thermo/Hygro Sensor (TSS320/312623)
PROOVE Fridge/Freezer Thermometer (TSS330/311433)
PROOVE Pool/Spa Thermometer (TSS340)
NEXA 433Mhz devices
NEXA EYCR-2300 Indoor Socket, on/off
NEXA LGDR-3500 Outdoor Socket, on/off
NEXA LWST-615 1-Way Wall Transmitter
NEXA LWST-605 2-Way Wall Transmitter
NEXA WST-916 1-Way Wall Transmitter
NEXA LMLT-711 Door Bell transmitter
NEXA LML-710 Door Bell
NEXA LCMR-1000 Flush Mounting Remote Switch Receiver
NEXA WMR-1000 In-Wall On/Off Switch
NEXA WBT-912 Two Channel Receiver
NEXA LBST-604 Wireless Transmitter Dusk/Dawn Sensor
NEXA LMST-606 Wireless Transmitter Magnetic Sensor
NEXA LKCT-614 Remote Control (2 buttons)
NEXA LYCT-705 Remote Control (10 buttons)
NEXA TMT-918 Wireless Remote Display Multi Control
NEXA LMDT-609 Indoor Wireless Transmitter PIR Motion Detector
NEXA LMDT-810 Out-/Indoor Wireless Transmitter PIR Motion Detector
NEXA PE-3 Socets and 7 button remote control (bundle)
NEXA NBA-001 temperature/humidity meter
Smoke detectors
AIRAM Optical Smoke Alarm LM-101LE (433MHz)

DEVELCO Smoke Alarm SMSZB-120

HEIMAN Optical Smoke Alarm 620PHR (433MHz)
HEIMAN Optical Smoke Alarm 620PHR-AC (433MHz)

OPAL Optical Smoke Alarm (433MHz)
FireAngel 10Y SM-F-NEUT 230V (ZigBee and Z-Wave)
DEVELCO devices
DEVELCO Smoke Alarm SMSZB-120
DEVELCO Smart Plug Mini (only on/off functionality currently)
DEVELCO Motion Sensor MOSZB-130
DEVELCO Motion Sensor Mini MOSZB-140
DEVELCO Flood Sensor FLSZB-110
DEVELCO Humidity Sensor HMSZB-110
DEVELCO Door/Window sensor
CENTRALITE multi-sensors
CENTRALITE multi-sensor(motion&heat)
CENTRALITE water sensor
CENTRALITE Door/Window sensor
NYCE multi-sensors
NYCE Multi-Sensor wall & ceiling mountables
NYCE Door/Window sensor
HEIMAN Smart ZigBee laitteet
HEIMAN security controller
HEIMAN Smart smoke detector
HEIMAN Smart door and window sensor
HEIMAN Smart CO detector
HEIMAN Smart motion detector
HEIMAN Smart flood detector
BELKIN WeMo Insight Switch
BELKIN WeMo Switch
BELKIN Wemo Motion
Fibaro Dimmer 2 (Z-Wave Plus)
Fibaro plug (Z-Wave Plus)
Fibaro door/window sensor (Z-Wave Plus)
Fibaro smoke detector (Z-Wave Plus)
Fibaro water leak detector (Z-Wave Plus)
Fibaro Button (Z-Wave Plus)
Fibaro Keyfob (Z-Wave Plus)
Aeotec water leak detector
Xiaomi Aqara
Aqara motion sensor
Aqara door/window sensor
Aqara water leak sensor
Aqara mini switches
Aqara wall switches
Aqara temperature/humidity sensor
Lidl Smarthome
Lidl Smart Plug
Lidl Smart USB Extension Lead (PARTIAL SUPPORT! Only one plug can be controlled and automated)
Lidl Smart E27 ja GU10 Light Bulbs (PARTIAL SUPPORT! Color change not yet supported)
Lidl Smart LED String Lights

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Included Radios

WiFi (IEE802.11 b/g/n)
Bluetooth (2.1+EDR and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0)
ZigBee (IEEE802.15.4, 2.4 GHz) Connect up to 30 Zigbee devices
ISM band (433.92 Mhz)
Z-Wave (868 Mhz)

Works With

iOS 9.0 (Or later)
Android 4.1 (Or later)

Android iOS
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