Einige Fragen und Anregungen...

Hello I have some questions and suggestions.

1. I have smoke detectors that are detected by the system and activation alert also the corresponding lamps, unfortunately the RGP switch lights not on red, they look to change (OSRAM) even without the color. I would hope even if the smoke detector can be controlled. for example, from a motion detector and thus an alarm is initiated.

2. Since the OSRAM lamps can save the last light setting also after manual switching off, I wonder whether this function can be used also by Cozify.

3. I wanted to install a door sensor in my Garden Gate, because this 23 m from the House away, I get no connection to the HUB. There in the future to increase the range of solutions?

4. when there are more cameras? I use the offered Foshan, but expanding the my video surveillance, I would also take dome cameras with 360 degree surveillance, there is soon more choice?

5. also it would be desirable, if somfy could be integrated. I plan automatic blinds and door opener from this manufacturer to use. Even if the Windows phone support was discontinued and only for this reason, I came across Cozify, I am still convinced of your offer and hope that far more equipment and settings follow.

Thank you and sorry for my English translator... in German I'd prefer ;)

Greetings Thomas

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1. Motion detectors such as Heiman or Airam can't be launched via Cozify, only via real smoke.

2. A default light setting for lamps is in plans, but at the moment after the restart the lamp goes on with it's factory default settings.

3. The reach of ZigBee devices can be extended via distribution of other powered ZigBee devices (lamps, powerplugs) - this is pretty much the only working solution we recommend (requires that these mesh network junctions are all plugged in for it to work).

4.  Atm we have the support for the ONVIF-cameras that follow the standard, the tested list can be seen at: https://support.cozify.fi/support/solutions/articles/8000034917-supported-devices-and-radios the ones we haven't tested can only be tested out by trying out. If there are some ONVIF camera models you'd recommend, let us know!

5. Door opener is not yet in plans, do you recomment some device for it? For shutter control we have support for: https://en.cozify.fi/collections/devices/products/ubisys-shutter-control-j1

Best regards,

Jarkko / Cozify

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