Which device would you like to be added to Cozify next?

Let us hear your ideas and wishes which device you would like Cozify to support next! 

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Apple HomeKit.

My list:

Danfoss Living Connect

ABB/Jaeger Busch Lightlink series (6715 U, 673x etc.)

Eltako Funk (?)

Ruuvi tags!


Out of the mentioned requests, the following have been added since:

Philips Hue Motion (includes temperature and daylight sensor)

Philips Hue Switch

Develco Smart plug

Ikea Trådfri lights

Best regards,

Jarkko / Cozify

Megaman Lightwave range would be good


Bluetooth devices/tags like RuuviTag (https://tag.ruuvi.com/), everything Z-Wave and also a way to connect to the hub using a PC (Windows)


Xiaomi have a lot of cheap zigbee devices e.g. sensors, switches etc at good prices and the quality seems good. It would be nice to be able to use them with Cozify.
Hi Fibaro devices,and somfy

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Outdoor Dome Cam

Door Bell like RING!

I'd like to see support for IKEA Trådfri smart lightning products!

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Apple homekit in one way or the other...

Generally support for Z-wave devices and particularly this device:


Then I could actually start saving money with Cozify (assuming that I could use Cozify to adjust the set temperature according to time and/or away status).

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Denon Heos support would be great! 

- All Philips Hue Devices

- Jablotron Devices (433.92 MHz)

- Dlink IP Webcams

Support for Apple HomeKit.

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